I'm a passionate and mindful Software Engineer, Explorer, and Broman.
My vision is to solve complex challenges and improve people's lives through innovative technology.

These are my "Big Fives for Life":

P - Progress. I want to learn and develop everyday, evolve and grow as a person, co-worker, and human-being.

E - Engineering excellence. I want to put my Software Engineering knowledge and skills to good use, and strive for excellence and wisdom.

A - Altruism and mindfulness. I'm looking for clarity and peace of mind within myself, and want to think and act in mindfulness with my body and mind.

C - Challenge and succeed. Innovate, inspire, and solve complex problems.

E - Ecological and social responsibility. At a time where we're facing a climate crisis, I vision to connect, remove borders instead of building walls, and support each other.

If you or somebody you know can support me to succeed in my Big Five, please contact me via hello[at]roman-wiche.com